Wild Things And Wild Places

Only a little over a week until my next Montana trip and I’m getting so excited!  I have to let you in on a little secret.  Before every trip, I get all pumped up listening to songs and watching videos about Montana.  I can spend hours on the official Montana travel site finding inspiration for my next trip!  Below is my favorite video featuring Casey Anderson (host of Expedition Wild and America the Wild on Nat Geo).  I even have a favorite quote from the video.

“…the people who live here have a mindset of allowing it to be wild and seeing that as an asset, and I feel that in that coexistence between the people that are here and the wild things and wild places it just has this mysterious feeling about it that’s just unlike anywhere on earth.”

Visiting the grizzly bear sanctuary mentioned in the video is one of the many activities mentioned in my Montana Wish List.