Warmer Weather Ahead

As the weather starts getting nicer it seems most of my friends are getting excited about beach days and which flowers to plant in their yards. I, however, cannot stop thinking about my next trip to the mountains and all the hiking possibilities. I even had 2 dreams about hiking last night! I won’t be going to Montana again until the middle of the summer, but I am hoping to get a hike or two in on my Europe trip in May. I could be happy hiking in the Alps! ūüôā


Happy Valentine’s Day!

On this day celebrating love I encourage you to show love to all you encounter, not just your sweetheart. A smile or simple gesture can go a long way. I love and appreciate you all so much!

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This is the time of year that many of us make goals and charge forward into the new year with hope and the belief things can change.¬† I truly believe 2014 is going to be our best year yet,¬†a year of open doors.¬† So what fun and exciting things do¬†I have planned for A Heart Of Adventure this year?¬† I don’t completely know yet and I’m excited about that.¬† Some¬†of my favorite adventures have been the unplanned ones, like my polar bear plunge!¬† You just have to be willing to seize opportunities when they arise.

This morning I seized one such opportunity on my way to work.¬† There in front of me was one of the most gorgeous sunrises I’ve ever experienced.¬† I could have thought wow that was pretty and kept driving, but I chose to get out and enjoy it for a while (luckily I was running early & had time to do so).

Don’t worry, I do have two major trips already in the works for this year.¬† The first one, which I’m super excited about is Israel!¬† This will be my first trip to that region and I can’t wait!¬† It’s still a¬†couple months away so I don’t have¬†it all¬†planned out¬†yet.¬† If any of you have been there and have¬†must do, must see suggestions please let me know!¬† The second trip shouldn’t be a surprise to you who have been reading my blog for any length of time.¬† Of course we are going back to Montana.¬† I don’t know the details on that trip either, but I always have my Montana wish list of activities to choose from.¬† I also have a long list of possibilities for other destinations and adventures.¬† Where would you like to see me go/do this year?

A Real Life Christmas Movie

The more I think about¬†my upcoming Montana¬†trip, the more it sounds like a¬†made-for-TV Christmas movie come to life!¬† The hard working young professional (‚ąö)¬†with no appropriate winter clothing¬†(‚ąö) goes to a small, snowy town (‚ąö) with no cell phone service (‚ąö) to work a local event (‚ąö).¬† She falls in love and discovers the true meaning of Christmas.¬† I‚Äôm already in love with Christmas, so I guess the only thing the trip is currently missing is the love story.¬† We‚Äôll see what happens when I get there.¬† Maybe there will be a Christmas romance after all!



Magic Carpet Ride

I can’t believe it’s already time to go home! Vacations always go way too fast! I had a little issue checking in at the airport this morning that is just too funny not to share.

Because my hair is so long (down to my hips), there are a few little girls in my life who think I’m secretly a real Disney princess. I guess their reasoning is people just don’t have hair like that in real life. One has recently decided I’m secretly a ninja instead but that’s another story.

Well this morning I had a Disney experience of a different kind. My checked bag was overweight so I was grabbing the smallest heaviest things I could to put in my carry on. That’s how a silver creamer ended up in my purse. Opening the bag and seeing it there makes me feel like Aladdin with his magic lamp! I got a pretty strange look from the guy at the coffee stand so I had to explain the story. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!


Shining Sea To Purple Mountain Majesty

What a day! From visiting friends at the beach to making new ones on my flights to arriving in the beautiful mountains of Montana, it’s been a great day! No matter how many times I fly there’s still something magical about being transported in just a few hours to completely different scenery & completely different culture. Seriously, how amazing is experiencing Florida beaches and Montana mountains in one day!


My favorite new friend on the trip is the most adorable 82 year old adventurer who sat next to me on my flight into Helena. His wife past away last year and his kids told him to spend all his money so he’s just been traveling nonstop. He was coming back from a 3 week fishing trip to do laundry and grab some more cash before he goes on his next adventure. What a life!


Tomorrow it’s off to the Bear Paw Mountains and hopefully sleeping under the stars!