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  1. I really like the Surfer, heron? and caverns. Beautiful images. Now following. Not sure when you are coming to London but it might be worth having a look at the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace (The Queens House, only open for a few weeks every year) The Shard (Fantastic views over London). Ian.

  2. Hope all is well. Just thinking of you! I haven’t been able to connect as much with my fast pace travels through Australia and New Zealand, but know that I think of you and hope you are well. I see you haven’t posted since April.

    • Thank you for thinking of me & checking on me! I’ve been on this crazy whirlwind trip & have rarely had time or wifi to post. I’m in Switzerland now staying at a charming chalet in the Alps. I’ll be going home at the end of the week so I’m just going to hold off my posts until then.

      • SWITZERLAND? I want to hear ALL about it. I know what you mean with limited/no wifi/reception. It was like that a lot of the time in Australia and New Zealand. I got in the habit of pre-scheduling my posts so that I did not need to rely on wifi. Looking forward to your updates when you get back.

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