Thawing Out

Drip, drip, drip.  All evidence of my snow day is melting away.  It will be back in the 70’s by the weekend and the only ice that will remain is that in my glass of sweet tea.

To say my goodbyes to the cool weather, I set out for a brisk walk this morning.  I didn’t even make it off my street before getting distracted by a hidden trail into the woods.  I cut through a neighbor’s empty lot and into another world.  How had I missed this before?  Apparently my secret trail was not such a secret.  I found broken windows, coke cans, and even a Christmas tree along the trail!Broken Glassabandoned christmas tree

I stopped often to enjoy the beauty of the ice-covered forest.    Icicles hung from the leaves like crystals on a chandelier.  The trail split several times, making it feel like a new discovery over and over again.  I later discovered there was a right and wrong way to go.  While stooped over taking a picture, I’m pretty sure I heard a gun shot.  I debated for a minute if I should go home, but chose to press on.  I’m so glad I did, because not long after that I found another neighborhood backed up to the woods.  Now I just need to make friends with someone over there so we can have our own secret shortcut to each other’s houses.

frozen leavesice covered leavesfrozen palm

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