A Real Life Christmas Movie

The more I think about my upcoming Montana trip, the more it sounds like a made-for-TV Christmas movie come to life!  The hard working young professional (√) with no appropriate winter clothing (√) goes to a small, snowy town (√) with no cell phone service (√) to work a local event (√).  She falls in love and discovers the true meaning of Christmas.  I’m already in love with Christmas, so I guess the only thing the trip is currently missing is the love story.  We’ll see what happens when I get there.  Maybe there will be a Christmas romance after all!



Wild Things And Wild Places

Only a little over a week until my next Montana trip and I’m getting so excited!  I have to let you in on a little secret.  Before every trip, I get all pumped up listening to songs and watching videos about Montana.  I can spend hours on the official Montana travel site finding inspiration for my next trip!  Below is my favorite video featuring Casey Anderson (host of Expedition Wild and America the Wild on Nat Geo).  I even have a favorite quote from the video.

“…the people who live here have a mindset of allowing it to be wild and seeing that as an asset, and I feel that in that coexistence between the people that are here and the wild things and wild places it just has this mysterious feeling about it that’s just unlike anywhere on earth.”

Visiting the grizzly bear sanctuary mentioned in the video is one of the many activities mentioned in my Montana Wish List.

Visions Of Winter Fun Dancing In My Head

It’s official!  I’ll be back in Montana again in a couple weeks!  This will be my first time there during the winter in almost a decade! I know living in the South so long has made me a little soft, but I’m hoping I toughen up to the Montana winter within a day or two.Snowy Cabin

It won’t be the first time that it’s snowed on me while visiting the Treasure State.   During my 2012 trip it snowed my first full day there, since it was the middle of Junuary.  If you’re not familiar with Junuary, it’s when it feels like January in June!  My mom and I were supposed to sleep in a teepee that night for the first time, but we weren’t prepared for that kind of weather and opted for a nice warm hotel instead.



It’s very typical that the first snow of the year is in October and the last snow in May.  However, I have seen it snow every month of the year in Montana!  I even remember getting snowed on at an Independence Day cookout once!

I’ve been away from it long enough that the snow is now a novelty to me and I can’t wait to go play in it!  These past few days I’ve had visions of ice skates, snow shoes, and sleigh rides dancing in my head.  Stay tuned to see which Montana Wish List events get checked off during this trip!