Going To The Sun And Beyond

What a day! My mom, aunt, and I covered a lot of ground in Glacier Park today! We started the day at the historic Lake McDonald Lodge and headed up the Going To The Sun Road.

This road is my favorite drive in the country, but is not for the faint of heart. The narrow winding road was carved into the mountain side in the early 1920’s. It gave visitors a way to experience the park like they never had before.

We made a quick stop for brunch in St Mary and then continued on to Many Glacier, my favorite place on the planet! On the way we enjoyed stunning views of St Mary Lake along the way. Once in Many Glacier, we hit the trails and the highlight was a beautiful cow moose grazing in a lake. I promise to post pictures of her once I find wifi.


Adventure on the Ranch

Stopped by my aunt’s ranch this morning and loved every minute of it! I was greeted by my favorite dog in the whole world, Max. We normally play until we get in trouble, but this time we didn’t get caught. I also got to meet a couple of his pups.


Then it was off to meet my aunt’s new chickens. I even got to hold one! She left a little present on my arm but it was worth it.

Said a quick hello to the horses & then got on the road. Glacier Park is waiting!


Big Sky Country

Beaver Creek Park

What a great weekend at Beaver Creek Park!  There was plenty of relaxation, laughter, and great food.  We cooked for the masses and guests stopped by the cabin throughout the afternoon and evening.  Everyone brought their appetites and best campfire stories.


My favorite part of the evening was bedtime.  My mom, aunt, and I pulled up cots around the campfire and slept under the stars.  It took me forever to fall asleep because I just couldn’t stop staring at the sky with a big goofy grin on my face.  Montana isn’t just the Big Sky State during the day; the night sky is amazing!  The Milky Way stretched across the sky and I saw at least a dozen shooting stars.  I finally fell asleep to the sound of the coyotes howling.

We pulled up the cots around the campfire and slept under the stars!


In the morning I decided to go for a walk through the meadow, but the hill behind the cabin was calling my name.  I grabbed the dogs’ favorite squeak toy and headed up the hill with Amigo and Chester in hot pursuit.  Only Chester followed me all the way to the top.  He was so proud he was the one to get the squeak toy that he strutted all the way back down the hill to show everyone back at the camp. Tomorrow it’s off to Glacier Park!

Amigo followed me up the hill hoping to get the squeaky toy

Where The Buffalo Roam


So I’m almost to the Bear Paw Mountains in Northern Montana and just wanted to check in before I go off the grid for the next couple days. That’s one of the things I love about Montana is it’s easy to just get lost and disconnect because sometimes you just have no other choice. Yes there still are places out there with no cell phone service and no wifi! It’s been a beautiful drive but I’m ready to get to my aunt’s cabin and just relax and enjoy family.

Sleeping Giant

Bison Ranch in Loma, MT