What The Hay!


Yesterday after church, some family members and I piled into a couple cars and took the scenic drive from Great Falls to the Utica/Hobson area for the annual What The Hay contest (see www.montanabaletrail.com  for additional info). Contestants used a lot of straw, spray paint, and imagination to come up with some very creative sculptures.  As we drove the 22 mile loop from Windham to Utica to Hobson, there was much chatter in the car about which display was our favorite.  Below are a few of my favorites.  Which one is your favorite?

Wizard of Straws

Wizard of Straws

Year Of The Farmer

So God Made a Farmer

Hay 1 Steak Sauce

Hay 1 Steak Sauce

Mike and Sulhay

Mike and Sul-hay

Despic-hay-ble Me 2

Despic-hay-ble Me 2 – I about jumped out of the car when I saw these guys!

Rudolph and Friends

Yukon Corn-hay-lious, Herm-hay the elf and friends

Smart Hay Pants

Smart-hay Pants



Tow M-hay-tor

Tow M-hay-tor

10 thoughts on “What The Hay!

  1. Those are awesome! Very creative. My two favorites are definitely the Wizard of Oz one (all time favorite movie) and Despicable Me. That one was done with such great detail. Makes me miss living on the ranch.

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