To Canada And Back Again

Finally a slow morning so let’s get caught up on this little adventure. Waterton Park was pretty fantastic! Prince of Wales Hotel has my favorite view of any of the lodges in Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park.

20130907-084647.jpg Prince Of Wales Hotel

We took the two hour boat tour to Goat Haunt back on the American side of the park. Of course I spent most of the tour at the bow of the 86 year old boat. It was just more fun and free up there. On the tour we saw a black bear and three bald eagles. However, one of my favorite parts was seeing the American-Canadian border cleared out across the mountains. It is the largest unprotected border in the world!

20130907-090047.jpg American-Canadian Border

We finished out that chapter of the trip driving through Canadian farm land overlooking the mountains we had just left. Then my mom, aunt, and I accidentally stayed at a dive motel in Shelby, MT. All we could do was just laugh and laugh and laugh!

Yesterday I made it to Great Falls and took a quick 6 mile hike along the Missouri River. This morning it’s off to the farmers market and then a big family get together tonight.



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