Shining Sea To Purple Mountain Majesty

What a day! From visiting friends at the beach to making new ones on my flights to arriving in the beautiful mountains of Montana, it’s been a great day! No matter how many times I fly there’s still something magical about being transported in just a few hours to completely different scenery & completely different culture. Seriously, how amazing is experiencing Florida beaches and Montana mountains in one day!


My favorite new friend on the trip is the most adorable 82 year old adventurer who sat next to me on my flight into Helena. His wife past away last year and his kids told him to spend all his money so he’s just been traveling nonstop. He was coming back from a 3 week fishing trip to do laundry and grab some more cash before he goes on his next adventure. What a life!


Tomorrow it’s off to the Bear Paw Mountains and hopefully sleeping under the stars!

So Close I Can Almost Taste It

Just a few more days until I’m in Montana! This morning in my excitement for the trip I enjoyed a wonderful cup of huckleberry tea. I am thrilled about seeing friends and family and the jaw dropping scenery, but one of my favorite parts of travel is all the incredible food!

Just like I have a list of sights I want to see and activities to enjoy, I have a list of foods I want to eat. I fully intend to eat as much huckleberry anything as humanly possible. The very top of my huckleberry list is ice cream or frozen yogurt. It cannot be beat!

On a perfect Montana trip I would enjoy huckleberry everything (think Forest Gump shrimp options but with huckleberries…huckleberry pie, huckleberry syrup, you get the picture), Indian fry bread, meat from my uncle’s ranch, those red hot dogs you can only get in Havre, bison, and a milkshake from Ford’s Drive Inn in Great Falls. Oh, and of course I always load up on loose leaf tea before I leave Great Falls ( Anyone else getting hungry? 😉


Ready, Set……

It’s still 2 weeks away, but the excitement is already building for my annual Montana trip.  What will I do?  Where will I go?  What should I bring?  To me, preparing for a big trip is almost as exciting as the trip itself.  There’s always so much hope and wonderment thinking of all the possibilities.

A couple weeks out I like to get a list of must do’s for the trip.  This gives me a chance to pick up any special clothing or items I may need.  This year I have a big hike planned to the ice caves near Lewistown, MT.  The trail gains 2,200 ft in the first 3 miles.  I guess this means I need to start hitting up the dreadmill on max incline!  How do you normally prepare for vacation?  Make checklists?  Go shopping?

On one of my trips to Glacier National Park, a little more planning would have been very beneficial. However, it would not have been nearly as entertaining to all around me. I didn’t realize we would be doing any hiking the first day so I decided to wear heels.  Of course my real shoes were at the bottom of my bag and everyone was talking about the family of mountain goats just up the trail.  I wasn’t going to miss those goats, so I off I went high heels and all!